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About the Center

The Financial Wellness Center provides a competent and confidential atmosphere where students and post docs can have access to accredited counseling services, quality financial education and appropriate tools to achieve lifelong successful financial outcomes.

The Financial Wellness Center at the University of Utah was originally created in 2011 to provide financial counseling for students. 


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Ann C. House

Ann House is a certified financial counselor and educator. She established the Financial Wellness Center in 2011 as a resource for students. She wants the University students to learn to become savvy consumers as they will be making dozens of consumer-financial decisions each day throughout their lives. Ann is also an amateur astronomer, spending her summers in southern Utah gazing at the night sky.


Rubi Coria
Graduate Assistant

Rubi is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy( ELP). As an undergraduate student she realized the importance of financial literacy as well as learning the necessary skills needed to manage her money effectively. She loves being able to help students holistically and has enjoyed working with students during their undergraduate experience to help them navigate everyday college life. She is excited to be a part of the FWC team and hopes to be able to help students understand the importance of being informed about their financial endeavors and equip them with the necessary tools to succeed. In her free time, Rubi enjoys painting, reading, baking, and learning about all there is to know about Art History.





Alyson Palmer
Administrative Assistant

Alyson graduated from the University of Utah in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in nutrition in 2018. Although she is not working in the fitness wellness field, she finds it very imporant to learn about financial wellness. She loves sharing her tips and tricks about traveling for cheap, using credit cards for points, and making a living by having a side hustle. Alyson has been working here for 5 years and loves working  with students. She currently teaches 20+ piano students a week. Alyson enjoys being active, cooking, trying new foods, traveling and videography.



Jackson Lunt
Peer Mentor

Jackson Lunt is  currently a sophomore at the University of Utah pursuing a degree in Finance. He is originally from Logan, Utah and some of his interests are listening to podcasts, reading lots of books, playing pickup basketball, and going to the gym. He grew up in a family that owned several small businesses where he learned a lot about business and personal finance. Jackson is excited to share some of that knowledge with other students who need help.


Kayla Kidd
Peer Mentor

Kayla is an undergraduate coming from Uintah High School but who is still undecided. She is leaning towards double majoring in Political Science and Criminology. She really enjoys being outdoors and in the gym in her free time. Her interest are hunting, fishing, Weight Lifting, softball, and being around her family. She hopes to help students with their financial situations.


Emily Nava
Peer Mentor

Emily is coming from Lone Peak high school to pursue health and Kinesiology. She has interests in violin, baking, and volleyball. Emily is looking forward to learning about financial wellness and furthermore guide fellow students in this new adulting world. 




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Financial Wellness Center
A. Ray Olpin University Union, RM 317
200 S Central Campus Drive
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

(801) 585-7379



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Last Updated: 11/17/21